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    Rubber Cutter DW1115

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    Rubber Cutter?,also named sample notcher?which?is used to cut slice specimen from plastic, rubber etc.

    Rubber Cutter?

    Sample notcher?is generally used in hospitals, medical education institutions, santitation and antiepidemic station, public security and legal medical expert, agriculture college, veterinary medicine and research organizations to obtain pathological and biological paraffin sections of plant and zoological fissure. It is very important medical appliance in diagnoses and laboratories.

    Follows are features of?Rubber cutter

    • Manual type,simple structure,easy to operate;
    • High accuracy to control the thickness


    Application of Sample notcher ?

    The Sample notcher DW1115 is specially to meet the needs of lest laboratories of contemporary histology and pathology. It has such advantages as stability and is easy to operate. It can slice sections with fine thickness and continuously. All these features make the microtome section the best-favored appliances of all the histology experts and scientists.


    Sample cutter Standards?

    Key specification

    Key specification of fabric cutter?

    Range of slice thickness: 1-35μm、> 35μm
    Division of thickness adjustment Min 1μm
    Error of precision of slice: ±10%
    Area of section Max.50×40mm
    Overall dimensions 470×320×320 mm


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