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    Pipe Notch Milling Machine DWNMM

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    Pipe Notch Milling Machine ,also named Notch Milling Machine for Plastic Pipes which is meet with ISO 13479:1997 Polyolefin pipes for the conveyance of resistance to crack propagation-Test method for slow crack growth on notched pipes(notch test)

    Pipe Notch Milling Machine DWNMM

    Notch Milling Machine for Plastic Pipes is used to determine resistance to the slow crack expansion.

    Follows are Pipe Notch Milling Machine Specification :

    • Industrial PLC is adopted for automatic control, and the large-size full-color touch screen operation and display terminal with movable rotation can be hoisted.
    • Modular design structure. The cutting tool is located directly above the test pipe, which is easy to observe and operate when cutting.
    • The servo system is adopted to control the tool speed and feed speed, ensuring the cutting speed required by the standard.
    • The pipe material and the grooving machine shall be fixed by lifting and clamping the core shaft, and the tool shall be parallel to the inner wall of the pipe material; To ensure that the milling groove depth is not limited by the difference of pipe ellipse and wall thickness, to ensure that the machining incision depth is consistent.


    Application of Pipe Notch Milling Machine

    Pipe Notch Milling Machine is widely used in pipe manufacturing, water supply and drainage projects or Industrial field.

    X and Y feed adopt high precision linear linear guide rail and high precision grinding ball screw, high precision cutting, and ensure the accuracy of test data of slow crack propagation. High precision 60oV cemented carbide cutter ensures smooth and clean end face of pipe after cutting.


    Pipe Notch Milling Machine standards

    ISO 13479:1997 GB/T 18476-2001

    Key specification

    Key specification of Pipe Notch Milling Machine

    pipe diameter range: Ф63mm~Ф630mm
    maximum sample length ≤1800mm;
    incision processing length 50mm~650mm;
    wall thickness of processed sample: > 5mm;
    V type milling cutter diameter: Number of teeth: 20; Motor speed: 703rpm;
    high-speed feed speed: 940mm/min;
    Low speed feed speed: 140mm/min;
    the milling speed (0.010±0.002)
    power supply 380VAC 50Hz
    IP protection level IP55
    Dimensions 225*100*220CM
    Gross weight 450KG


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