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    Fabrics Stiffness Tester (Heart Loop Method) FY207B

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    Fabric?stiffness tester(Heart Loop Method),?also named stiffness tester . FYI is one of the best suppliers for fabric stiffness tester in the world,?we offer good quality products with affordable price.

    Fabrics Stiffness Tester FY207B?

    We provide reasonable price and high quality??fabrics stiffness tester.All of testing instruments manufactured by FYI factory are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance.

    Follows are features of fabric?stiffness tester

    • Unique design and exquisite appearance;
    • Convenient and easy to operate;
    • Adjustable eccentric wheel for clamping sample;
    • Unique measuring ruler design with scale brings convenience
    • Considerate bayonet design.


    Application ofFabric Stiffness Tester

    FY207B Fabrics Stiffness Tester (Heart Loop Method) is to determine the stiffness properties of fabrics. It is to make both sides of a strip of fabric specimen reverse overlap and be clamped to put on the test holder. The specimen is formed into a heart-shaped loop. The length of the loop is measured when it is hanging vertically under its own mass. From this measured length, the bending length and flexural rigidity are calculated. It is mainly suitable for all kinds of fabrics, especially for limp fabrics and those that show a marked tendency to curl.

    If you need more information about?fabric stiffness tester. Please contact with us


    Standards of Fabric Stiffness Tester

    STANDARDS GB/T 18318.2 JIS L1096(8.21.4 D Test) ASTM D1388(B Test)

    Key specification

    Key specification of? Fabric Stiffness Tester

    • Specimen length :? ? 200mm (optional 150mm or 250mm)
    • Specimen width :? ? ? 25mm~75mm
    • Measurement range :? ? ?34~130mm
    • Brass bar for clamping sample:? ? ?25mm (Height), 3mm (Thickness)


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